I have no doubt that this is not the first “how to lose five pounds in one week” post that you have ever read.

With the explosion of the health and fitness industry over the past thirty years, you’d have to be living under a rock to not know the very basic response to the question, “what do you have to do to lose weight?”

Diet and exercise.  Burn more calories than you consume.  Eat less and exercise more.  Right?

These days you can’t throw a rock without hitting some sort of diet or exercise resource, yet I can’t help but wonder why half of Americans are struggling to lose weight.

It took a few years, a ton of research, and a lot of trial-and-error for me to finally learn that the formula to lose weight is not simply to eat less and exercise more.  I have to come to learn, however, that while the weight loss formula isn’t simple, it is certainly a lot less complicated than you may think.

i dropped 30lbs, 12% body fat, and 4 dress sizes

Discovering and implementing this fat-loss formula during my personal journey helped me drop over thirty pounds, twelve percent of my body fat, and four dress sizes without counting a single calorie or spending more than 60 minutes a week at the gym.

Sticking to this formula has helped me maintain my weight loss for three years, and in this post I want to share what that formula is.

Here are my five simple steps to jumpstart your weight loss and help you lose five pounds in seven days: Rest, Exercise, Movement, Moderation, and #thebounceback.

Step 1:  REST

In all my research, my mind has never been blown more than studying the role stress plays in one’s weight loss journey.  Lack of sleep, working a demanding job, or being a new mom or caregiver are obvious examples of stressors.

But did you know that long, strenuous exercise is a stressor, too? 

If you want to lose five pounds in seven days, then you have to prioritize daily rest and relaxation activities that will counteract  the stress hormones that lead to weight retention.


I was listening to a Metabolic Effect podcast on movement versus exercise, and Dr. Jade Teta defined exercise as a “structured schedule of activities done for a specific purpose.”

The two words that jumped out at me were “specific purpose.”  When trying to lose weight, the biggest mistake exercisers make is choosing workouts that don’t align with their specific goals.

To lose five pounds in seven days, you actually don’t need to spend hours in the gym or running on a treadmill. You only need a few quick, high intensity workouts that will initiate fat burn, activate large muscle groups, raise energy levels, and suppress hunger.

And it just so happens that I created a free workout that meets all of these requirements!


In the same podcast referenced above, Dr. Jade mentioned research showing that when it comes to weight loss, the person who constantly moves throughout the day will experience better results than the person who goes to the gym throughout the week but is otherwise sedentary.

The sedentary person may disrupt their metabolism for 30 – 45 minutes during their workout, but the person who is constantly moving will keep their metabolism engaged throughout the day.

The human body was not designed to sit for hours and hours.  We were created to move.  And our societal movement toward spending the majority of our days sitting down is killing us.

So movement is not just a tool for weight loss, it is a requirement to live. 

If you want to lose five pounds in seven days, it is mandatory to get in at least 30 minutes of movement every single day, and never go more than 60 minutes without getting up and moving around.


How many of us are constantly failing at sticking to a diet because of the all-or-nothing approach we apply to our eating habits?

For those of us that suffer from food addiction and emotional eating, trying to completely eliminate the foods that inhibit weight loss feels impossible.  We may be able to give up our favorite comfort foods for a little while, but eventually, most of us will always go back… and usually with a vengeance.

This is why the name of the game to losing five pounds in seven days isn’t starvation, it’s moderation.

Read my post, How to Eat for a Swimsuit Body, to learn more about the eating guidelines that will help you lose five pounds in seven days.


Meeting your health and fitness goals is not an all-or-nothing process.  You will inevitably drop the ball on this journey, but the key to success is to pick up right where you left off.

For example, you may get too busy and miss a scheduled workout, or go out to eat with friends and totally blow your diet, or get sick and stay on the couch for an entire day.  But one missed workout, one unhealthy meal, or one day of zero movement will not impact your progress.

So if you drop the ball, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater and completely give up on the process altogether.  Simply commit yourself to completing the next two workouts, eating moderately for the next two meals, or getting in extra steps the next two days.

Meeting your goals is 100% dependent on #thebounceback: a compilation of wins that outnumber your losses.  If you commit to bouncing back twice as high every time you fall, you will always eventually win.


If you want to try my five step process to losing five pounds in seven days, then be sure to grab your free 7 Day Jumpstart to Fat Loss exercise calendar!

And if you try these five simple steps and lose five or more pounds, then I’d love to hear your story!  Please come back and share your success!