In 2014 I was an overweight mom of three, struggling with STRESS that escalated my emotional eating.

I was trying to lose weight, but I was getting more and more frustrated and disappointed in my failures, which increased stress, made my emotional eating worse, and caused me to gain even more weight!

I really wanted to lose weight because I HATED how my body looked, and I wanted to be HEALTHY so I wouldn’t have to miss out on my daughter’s lives.

The problem was that I was emotionally ADDICTED to food, and this kept me from getting healthy and sustaining any weight loss.

Then I finally hit bottom when I woke up in the middle of the night sick to my stomach for the fourteenth night in a row, because of the food I was eating.

That night I realized I was going to DIE because I couldn’t control my myself.

I needed to get healthy once and for all and solve my weight issues! I wasn’t ready to give up on my dream of being the happy and healthy wife and mom that my family deserved, and living long enough to see my girls grow up and create families of their own.

The urgency to get healthy was no longer a desire, it was a NEED!

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

I discovered that the foundation of my weight issue wasn’t lack of willpower, it was STRESS and all the areas of my life that were triggering my emotional eating!

It was now crystal clear to me that I had to create my own weight loss plan to lose weight and keep it off; without starvation or painful exercise.

I learned that the calories-in-calories-out approach was not the most beneficial method for permanent and sustained weight loss for me…

I needed to trick my brain into craving REST instead of craving food whenever I felt stressed and triggered!

As a result of my discovery, I created my own weight loss plan that eliminated stress, transformed my health, and completely changed my body.

Suddenly, I was 33lbs lighter and lost 12% of my body fat in just 5 months, and I’ve kept that weight off since 2014!!

I was thrilled to achieve these results but I was not content to keep this information to myself. I wanted to help all women find the tools to achieve similar results!

I began investigating every way that I could use this stress-reducing technique to help lose weight and keep it off, and I chose to call the plan, “Rest Based Weight Loss.”

After two years of testing the plan and becoming a certified Nutrition Consultant, I am now on a mission to share my results with others!

Would you like to feel good again? To have control over your eating, regain your health, and completely transform your body, without unsustainable diets and painful, grueling exercise?

I would LOVE to show you how!

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